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Bill Ratner, author of the full-length poetry collection Fear of Fish (Alien Buddha Press) and the chapbook To Decorate a Casket (Finishing Line Press), is a Best of the Net Poetry Nominee (Lascaux Review).

His work has also appeared in Best Small Fictions 2021 (Sonder Press), Missouri Review (audio), Baltimore Review, Chiron Review, Feminine Collective, and other journals.

Bill is a 9-time winner of the Moth StorySLAM, a certified grief counselor, an officer in his union SAG-AFTRA, earns his living as a voice actor, teaches Voiceovers for SAG-AFTRA Foundation, Media Awareness for Los Angeles Unified School District. Member: Screen Actors Guild-AFTRA, Actors Equity Association, National Storytelling Network.


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“Accident” • Shark Reef

“Calavera” • Oddball Magazine

“Fear of Fish” • Cultural Daily

“Radio” • Bombfire

“If It Wasn’t For You” • Lascaux Review

“Madame Reclaimer” • Ekphrastic Review

“Memento Mori” • Sledgehammer

“Our Losses Return to Us • Silver Birch Press

“Quarantine Ride” • MacQueen’s Quinterly

“That Your Heart Longs For” • Abandoned Mine

“The Clinic” • Loch Raven Review

“Things at Work That Pass for Art” • The Courtship of Winds

“Wabash Banner Blue” • HeadStuff


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Alien Buddha Press is proud to announce Bill Ratner’s first full-length poetry collection, Fear of Fish.

“These highly original poems stir things up—a wild concoction of exploration, confession, and surreal fantasy, each topped with a soupçon of wry wit. Whether mourning the early demise of his beloved parents and older brother or riffing on being the one left behind to come of age on his own, Ratner’s poems find life’s humor and sweetness. They kick off their shoes and dance with Death.”

---- Alexis Rhone Fancher, NYQ Books poet and Cultural Daily poetry editor

Finishing Line Press is proud to announce Bill Ratner’s first poetry chapbook, To Decorate a Casket.

“Reading these poems, one can't help wondering if Ratner is a storyteller at heart who's found the form of the poem to convey the snapshots and short tales of his life, or if he's a poet who, like Homer, poured his dactyls into the epics of his time. Like a good storyteller, Ratner sidles up to you, whispers the opening of a tale, then brings in the big guns of poetry to make it all work. These poems are masterful, touching, evocative, and Ratner himself is a master-builder at work, a man who shapes words out of airy nothing and commands them to speak.”

---- Jack Grapes, Chatwing Books poet and founding editor of literary journal ONTHEBUS

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